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Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Open Letter To Lebron James

Dear LeBron,

I've only got one thing to say to you...

All that other shit is irrelevant. Just get your head out your damn ass and win us the fucking game.


The City Of Cleveland


bding7 said...

i must say, if i lived in Ohio my whole life, dreamed of living in some of the world's most exciting cities, and had literally the entire world at my fingertips at 25, i'd get the hell out of dodge regardless of how this all works out. in fact, i am, and am a year younger than the boy boy.

having said all that... you're right, he really needs to step it up, and soon.

DocZeus said...

That might all be true...

But would you also want to be the biggest social pariah in the town you grew up in for the rest of your life because you quit on the team when the road got a little rough to go to New York? Make no mistake, LeBron will not be able to return to Ohio for the rest of his life if he leaves like THIS.

He might gain the world but he'll be losing his soul.

bding7 said...

call the amber lamps... your boy's leakin'.

DocZeus said...

Ironically, my dad is a doctor and called me in a huff last night screaming "I figured out what's wrong with LeBron"

In all likelihood, LeBron was playing with a pinched ulnar nerve in his elbow. You know when you bump your funny bone and suddenly your entire arm goes numb including your hand? Same principle. It's not pain he was playing through it was numbness.

The ulnar nerve controls the middle, ring and index fingers of the hand. If it was pinched, it means he was playing with a completely numb hand. And considering his lack of control on his dribble and touch on his shots, it explains a lot. He was essentially playing with only one hand. His off hand. If you notice the shots he made last night were all finished with his left hand.

It also explains how he could come out and tear it up in Game 3 like he did. The only really treatment without surgery is time and rest. He had 4 days rest in between Games 2 and 3 which would significantly lessen the inflammation around the nerve.

The Cavs never stood a chance in this series with a one-handed LeBron. I don't care what team you throw out there.

The Twillness said...

LeBron to Chicago would be ridiculous.

tray said...

So, um, why doesn't LeBron just come out and say that he had a pinched nerve? You'd think he'd say so if that was the case.