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Friday, September 18, 2009

No Words... Teddy Roosevelt Edition

- The '99 version of myself would be bugging out over this line-up. The '09 Model? Not so much.

-Everybody remotely involved in this should be embarrassed they are getting eaten up by fuckin' Drag-On! Yes, Drag-On! Whom I'm quite positive has been banished from recording music since I haven't heard him rap since the Exit Wounds soundtrack. Ironically, the Exit Wounds Soundtrack was the last time, DMX, mattered in anything but drug-related arrest hilarity. I will give the Ruff Ryders this. Had Jay-Z decided to do an old school Roc-a-fella reunion, he would not have invited Amil to the proceedings. Kudos on finding, Drag-On, at whatever car wash he's working at these days.

-Eve might be the only human female that has gotten hotter as she ages. I thought she was hideous when she was rocking the Eminem-cut back when she first appeared on the scene but she's definitively smokin', now. Let that be a lesson to you, Amber Rose!

- I can't decide which member of the L.O.X. is more comatose these days. Sheek Louch wins by default since he always sort-of sucked.

- I don't understand the point of putting together a video like this for a song that's meant to be the re-introduction to Ruff Ryders and making it so fucking budget looking. So you are going to spend thousands of dollars renting ATV's and sports car but you can't spring for a camera that's slightly above your garden-variety camcorder? You can't make "Big Pimpin'" if you don't have a director who understands the concept of "white balancing," people! It kills me that cheap-ass videos like this are the reason that I had trouble finding work so much when I was working as a freelance videographer a few years back.

- Swizz Beatz should be shot... We all know why.


Funky Funati said...

last week, i decided to put Kurupt's "tha Streetz iz a mutha" in my stereo, and:
A. 10 years later - it still sounds great.
B. 10 years later - the DMX sound-a-like sounds like DMX today. (and "calling out names" still rocks).

right on about everything you wrote Doc.
Eve really gotten better with time...
The LOX always sucked ass with their soulless,generic New York rap, and Swizz NEVER changed his wack 10$ Casio keyboard style (ok, maybe with "Touch It" - but that's IT).

oh, and Drag On came pretty strong (although you can hear the Lil Wayne-izm effect right there)

Jerusalem, Israel.

DocZeus said...

"Streetz Is A Mutha" is really underrated. I'll never quite understand why Kurupt never had a bigger career than he did.

And "Calling Out Names" is one of the best disses of all-time. I always support wanton disrespect.

Funky Funati said...

Kurupt never had a bigger career than he did because he's charismatic as a stapler, that's why.

still one of my favorites.

tray said...

I kinda like all of the Lox members' verses...Jada's is particularly solid.

Badmon3333 said...

Hooks based on children's songs, huh... Just one more thing to add to the List of Things I Hate About Swizz Beatz.