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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Words... U-God Makes A Dope Album... In 2009!!! Edition

"Apparently, U-God's entire art design budget was spent on a Jim Jones feature..."

For a relentless hater like myself, it's almost too easy to make fun of U-God. He gets into fights with Method Man and RZA. He made "Black Shampoo." He's an ungrateful lackey that spent his entire career, to his extreme and violent dismay, as a veritable punchline because of his status as being perceived as the luckiest motherfucker in rap. I mean you would be pissed too if you spent your entire career being consistently outclassed rapping next to sea of legendarily talented hall-of-famers like GZA, Ghostface and Raekwon. I mean U-God ain't exactly Method Man but he certainly ain't Melachi The Nutcracker, either. Scores of far more successful emcees would look ridiculous trying to compete with Inspectah Deck. Granted, he did make the video for "Bump" so perhaps his punchline status is well deserved.

His new album, "Dopium", is surprisingly dope, though. (Pun very intended.) It's nowhere near classic status but it follows the dogged Wu-Tang loyalist formula that Masta Killa, another Wu-Tang second-stringer, was able to ride "No Said Date" to minor classic status earlier this decade. U-God is finally smart enough to know that the only way that he's going to make any commercial noise in this climate is to drop any pretension of mainstream appeal and craft an album for Wu-Tang purists only. Most of the Clan show up to deliver a bunch of stellar guest verses and the production sounds like a reasonable enough facsimile of what RZA would produce if he hadn't gone bat-shit crazy hanging out with Quentin Tarantino and Dhani Harrison. It also features a song, "Magnum Force," featuring a trifecta of also-ran wackness when Jim Jones and Sheek Louch show up to discuss the finer art of holding the bag. It's suprisingly competent. I'm not even kidding. I listened to the record three times through today just to make sure I hadn't accidently caught a contact buzz on the way to work this morning.

And also to my extreme delight, the latter stages of the album suddenly turn into a glitch dance pop record out of fucking nowhere. Seriously. It turns into a fucking techno album. And it's not wack in the slightest. It's awesome. Seriously.

U-God - Train Trussle [Feat. Ghostface Killah & Scotty Wotty]

U-God - Magnum Force [Feat. Jim Jones & Sheek Louch]

U-God - Stomp The Roach (Remix) [Feat. GZA & Scotty Wotty]


Badmon3333 said...

How does an album "strictly for Wu-Tang purists" have three house-dance remixes at the end...? I'm at the complete opposite end of the spectrum on this. My feeling is this cements U-God's status, lapping Cappadonna as the Wu-Tang Clan's Most Useless Member .

DocZeus said...

Well obviously, I was referring to the first 12 or so tracks on the album when I was referring to the fact it was for purists.

And I was extremely amused when those tracks came out of the friggin' blue. Its completely improbable. And totally awesome. And completely entertaining. I know understand Cam'ron's appeal because of this album. And I will never listen to those three tracks again.

But its awesome.

Badmon3333 said...

The good songs on 'Dopium' are very good. The bad songs are very bad.

DocZeus said...

"The good songs on 'Dopium' are very good. The bad songs are very bad."

Yeah, I guess I can't disagree with that.