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Thursday, April 9, 2009

South Park - Kanye West Is A Gay Fish

Still after 13 seasons, South Park remains the funniest, most wicked, pop culture sacred cow skewering show on television... and it's about damn time, they cut down Kanye's massive ego in half especially considering Kanye's douchebaggery has been running uncontrollably rampant ever since he started sporting that hideous afro mullet and got addicted to the auto-tune. I'm laying even odds that Kanye West completely misses the joke of the episode and bitches about Parker and Stone in public within the next week. Count on it.


Jonah said...

yeah i thought kanye would freak out too, but at least publicly he took it pretty well, said it was funny on his blog and that he liked the drawing of his crew, and that he's trying not to be such an enormous douche.

Christopher said...

South Park hasn't been funny since at least 2003/4.

Trey Stone said...

^ agreed for the most part, i've become something of a Family Guy convert in recent years given the last few seasons of South Park generally sucking, and becoming entirely about beating you over the head with a "message" without much attempts at humor. even though that South Park episode about Family Guy's joke formula was pretty spot-on. what can i say though, shit's usually funny. i like my random ADD humor.

DocZeus said...

I'm supremely disappointed he didn't fly off the handle after this episode and start talking shit about Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It would simultaneously had proven their point and undeniably hysterical.

I don't want a more humble Kanye. I want him to mine unknown depths of egomania.

Jordan said...

Did you read the entry, Doc? It's actually pretty charming and kind of sweet. I especially like the part where he admits it hurt his feelings, which is great cause it's both mature and immature.


What I always liked about Kanye was how he combined his ego with a remarkable self-awareness, so that a lot of the charm from College Dropout was him making fun of himself for getting too big-headed. It's cool for me to see that element is still there now.

DocZeus said...

Yeah, I read it. I thought it was pretty amusing that he was excited about his crew being animated. I couldn't believe they actually looked like that, though.

armond wyatt said...

True story: A recent episode of Frontline/World about the rising influence of the Taliban in Western Pakistan featured a low-budget terrorist recruitment video that made extensive use of auto-tune, which is weird for all sort of reasons, not the least of which being the irony of employing a musical technique that's essentially the purest distillation of the garish, mass-produced, bankrupt capitalist culture of the West, all for the promotion of a regressive, reactionary political agenda ostensibly opposed to the corrosive influence of the West.

It's tough being a hermetically sealed puritan when Western media culture is so ubiquitous. It's enough to make you want to hole up in a cave somewhere, you know?

So my comment is at least sort of relevant: South Park is basically still a collection of juvenile, scatological humor which tends to be regarded as a source for wry socio-political commentary because it periodically lapses into timely message episodes that espouse positions which express little more than facile, knee-jerk derision for hippies, environmentalists, Al Gore, religious eccentrics, etc. They ethered Family Guy, Jesse Jackson, and Scientology; who cares? The fact that it's acquired a reputation as a incisive, smart fountainhead for social commentary speaks to the incredible poverty of intelligent, critical voices available within the mainstream media. (Yeah, I'm that person; I said "mainstream media", with a straight face, even.)

And why -- years and years later -- is South Park still, like, fetishistically enamored of endlessly parodying those familiar, sort of moralizing, Aesopean endings, as well as countless other familiar, corny media tropes? The longer the show goes on, the less they feel like legitimate criticisms of mawkish, lazy screenwriting, and instead appear more like crutches themselves, where the irony, rather than being directed at some particularly urgent target for criticism, becomes its own sort of complacency, a familiar, safe mode of expression that presents itself as rebellion but actually sits lumpishly on the throne. Can someone parody the tendency of South Park to lean excessively on parodies of media tropes, or would the world explode then? Perhaps we'd better not.

Anyway! The Boondocks, which isn't even that great of a show, smashes on South Park.

As for this Kanye deal: The jokes during the South Park episode mostly weren't funny, even if, on paper, they seem on target in skewering him for his incredible hubris, vanity, effeminacy, and suspect musical tastes. Also, auto-tune parodies are completely old-hat, and the sheer volume of competently made auto-tune parodies out there suggests that they're not too difficult to execute either. And are we still bagging on Carlos Mencia? Really? Seems like he's achieved some sort of permanent punching bag status or something. Any more and the emo kids might be deposed.

As for his response: Kanye is in the position of pretty much every person who's ever been the target of ridicule in the history of the world: Either you can stomp up and down about it, getting indignant as all hell, and come off as a humorless ass who can't take a joke -- in this case, confirming many of the original criticisms -- or you can be a good sport, smile and take it -- "Gee, you really got me there! I did run the country into the ground!" -- and appear to be a composed, well-adjusted human being who doesn't take themselves too seriously. Of course it's only another layer of vanity, as you're basically a monstrous egomaniac of, like, fucking Lovecraftian proportions and -- really! -- that whole shit they were kicking before was: not at all funny, intensely humiliating, and -- fuck naw! I ain't taking no shorts. Gay fish, huh, motherfucker? Nigga, I'm a superstar; triple platinum. I better make a blog post first, though, so the people know I'm cool and shit, and then my bodyguards are gonna' muscle up on these stupid motherfuckers. 'Ye out.

And yeah -- I watch PBS sometimes.

Trey Stone said...

yeah...length aside, i generally agree with that comment. the points South Park makes are so obvious now anyway i dunno if they even qualify as satire anyway.

Term papers said...

You're laying even odds that Kayne West completely misses the joke of the episode and bitches about Parker and Stone in public within the next week. Count on it.