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Thursday, April 2, 2009

No Words... G-20 Edition

There are not enough words in the English language to describe the many...many emotions I feel from seeing this: joy, horror, confusion, transcendent delight...

If these are the people that are supposed get us out of this global clusterfuck than the human race is doomed.

100,00 years was a hell of run, ain't it?!


Jay (d)eff Kay said...

I think the chinese prez has you beat on the bundle-of-emotions front, since he seems to be experiencing all that you mentioned and much much more SIMULTANEOUSLY in the picture above.

if it makes you feel any better, i live in canada: our prez missed the actual group shot because he was allegedly using the restroom. its like we want to bring this whole 'america's awkward cousin' stereotype to life


DocZeus said...

I agree about Jintao's expression. He's totally thinking to himself: "Laugh it up, assholes. I already own your country, lock, stock and barrel. Soon, I will own your soul."

And isn't it fitting that the Italian President is a complete ham.

Badmon3333 said...

Who's that fucking doofus with the male-pattern-baldness-anti-mohawk on the right?!?

DocZeus said...

That's the Russian President or as he's better known as Vladmir Putin's Weed Carrier

Badmon3333 said...

Ahhhhh... thanks, Doc. Oh, and speaking of Italians, anyone seen 'Gomorrah'? EXCELLENT gangster movie about the Neapolitan Camorra mob that runs Naples.

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