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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DJ Quik & Kurupt - "Hey Playa!"

Thank God, there is somebody in the extended Dr. Dre/N.W.A./Death Row/Aftermath family that is still making music that is worth a damn. I was beginning to wonder if G(-Unit)-Virus that infected Interscope in the year of our lord, 2003, had spread through the ranks and completely murdered everybody's ability to make quality music that came within contact of Curtis Jackson's bucktoothed and steroid-addled aura. Luckily, Kurupt along with fellow West Coast legend, DJ Quik, remain immune to the virus as their new single, "Hey Playa!" off their impending collaborative album, "Blaqkout", proves.

I suppose it's become the vogue for former Dr. Dre proteges (See: Eminem; Rhymes, Busta - Lesser Works) to employ Middle Eastern influenced beats (and for the most part, these songs have been utterly intolerable) but "Hey Playa!" stands above the pack because the sample sounds grittier and less refined from their overproduced brethren. The track is funky, upbeat and sounds warm and inviting. For sure, this is club oriented material but this sounds neither over-produced or embarrassingly dated which often plagues veteran rappers when they try to go the modern club right. This is just fun. Kurupt has always been one of my favorite West Coast-based rappers of all-time but DJ Quik really stands out on the track. He just sounds like he's having a blast on the track.

Can we get Spice-1 or MC Eiht on the remix and fully complete the '90s West Coast rapper nostalgia circle? I'd definitely be down.

Download: DJ Quik & Kurupt - Hey Playa!


Badmon3333 said...

I really think Quik is right up there with Dr. Dre when you talk about all-time-classic West Coast producers. I honestly thought he should have passed Dre up with 'Rhythm-al-ism.'

True, he didn't discover Eminem, but if you're talking about hip-hop producers who do a lot of work with live instrumentation, you can't beat Quik.

Badmon3333 said...

OK, I wasn't think about the Roots when I wrote that, and to some extent, Kanye, but I'd chalk a lot of his live-instrument success up to Jon Brion.

DocZeus said...

Yeah, but Quik didn't make the Chronic. When it all comes down to it that's the greatest produced (and produced based) album in the history of hip hop. Strictly from a production standpoint, nobody (other than himself on "Doggystyle") has gotten close to topping it.

Trey Stone said...

no one's even come close? i mean granted the thing was revolutionary in its time, and i enjoy it for the most part, but i can think of 3-4 tracks that could lopped off that i wouldn't miss. plus a couple beats that're good for their time but don't exactly measure up to the classic material on the album.

but then, i listen to 2001 more, so there you go.

as far as producer-centered albums go, i don't think a lot of people can really mess with Kanye's last three. i'm probably biased, but still

איתן said...

amazing shit.
as much as i love Kanye, i think Quik gives him a run for his money as far as the best Rapper/Producer.
this guy's been in the game since 91 and he never dropped a less than solid album, too bad people don't give him props for that.

i'm really looking forward for that Blaqout album.

Zeus, i was really happy to find out you dig those guys, keep up the good work.

Funky Funati said...

the last comment was mine

Badmon3333 said...

I was gonna say, I'd take the production on 'Doggystyle' over the original 'Chronic.'

Front to back, though, I can listen to 'Rhythm-al-ism' the whole way through. There are always a handful of songs I skip on 'Chronic.'

"Bitches Ain't Shit," though, helps to elevate it to that next level, no question.

Re: Funky Funati's comment... Quik put out a record called, I think, 'The Konnected Album,' that was pretty bad... then again, it was mainly due to too much gawddamn AMG and Suga Free...

Funky Funati said...

badmon, tha konnktid project wasn't Quik's, he did most of the production there, that's it.
"in my face| was pretty dope tho

Badmon3333 said...

I'd argue that that makes it his project. I mean, he didn't do the rapping, but those hangers-on are on every one of his solo albums to a nauseating degree at times. I say leave the gawddamn DeBarge family OUT OF IT, haha.

LucianoDK said...

badmon, in my opinion Quik whoops Dre´s ass when it comes to beats AND lyrics :) if u listen to the man speak about music in general, you can tell that he´s more talented and more experienced cos he always stretches his bounderies when it comes to hiphop.. U cant say the same for Dre, his beats been sounding alike since "2001".