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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Black J - Fall Back/We Comin' (Produced By Soul Klap)

"Mmmm, the sweet, seductive sounds of nepotism..."

Black J (or as I know him better as my lil' brother's friend, Jerrell Johnson) of the Cleveland-based rap group, Divine Minds, is an aspiring rapper out of my hometown, Shaker Heights, Ohio (that's where Kid Cudi, Molly Shannon and Paul Newman is from, y'all!) and he's readying to release his debut album, "The Quan", with fellow Cleveland-based producer, SoulKlap. Now, I don't normally promote friend of mine's music on my site as a policy since I wouldn't want Tray or the likes screaming about nepotism (nor would I really want to subject my friends to everybody's least favorite comment whore. I'm thoughtful like that...) but when I heard the lead two singles of the album, "We Comin" and "Fall Back", I got extremely enthusiastic about their upcoming project. These two songs sound like vintage Dilla and Black J himself is a nimble, talented wordsmith. Although, I'm not sure why they would want to name their debut album after one of Nas' least favorite pot smugglers (maybe they're just big Street's Disciple fans), this shit gets a definitive co-sign from yours truly... and as we all know, a co-sign from the Good Doctor Zeus is tantamount to saying your music is classic.

Black J & SoulKlap - Fall Back:

Black J & SoulKlap - We Comin':

Bonus Nepotism: Nico The Beast - Dinner Is Served Vol. 1 Mixtape (Download)


Q said...

this sounds fantastic! any info on who's releasing the record or where I could buy it?

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