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Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Words... Weezy F. Baby Has Jumped The Shark Edition

Lil' Wayne... Kid Rock... the Country Music Awards... What? Why?! What?!?!

I'm speechless...

Any did everybody else know that Lil' Wayne was dropping "Dedication 3?" I spit coffee on my computer when I saw that it was posted on Nah Right, yesterday. This seems like it would be a bigger deal than it was.


Birdseed said...

Yes... Yes we did. :)

Marcus said...

I didn't even dl D3. I heard about 7 songs from it. He actually went in on one and the rest was his shitty vocoder crooning and his shitty weed-carriers.

On another note, Thr33 Ringz is great.

And have you heard that Keri Hilson song "Turn Me On"?? Wayne's best guest appearance of the year

tray said...

I just skipped Dedication 3 for the Ace Hood album. It sucks so far though - Ace is too good of a rapper, can't match the ignorance of these crappy Runners beats the way Ross can. (No seriously, that's my complaint with this album two songs in.) I did do a post you'd like though about double standards in rap criticism, so yeah, check that out.

Badmon3333 said...

Maybe he's just a really big Titans fan... I also liked how Kid Rock shouted him out a full 2 mins. before he ever appeared on camera.

The whole thing was just way too weird, not least of all the moment where it looked like he was about to fellate that guy's guitar while he was soloing.