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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Words: Movie Musical Edition

I had this exact idea years ago. Granted, my idea was to make it a Broadway play and have musical dance sequences choreographed by Bob Fosse and have it directed by Susan Stroman but I'm sure Sticky Fingaz will do it justice. I'm sure this will make Chicago look like Killa Season.


quan said...

I'm surprised Sticky didn't enlist Wordsworth and the rest of them Lyricist Lounge cats.

Great blog dude.

DocZeus said...

"I'm surprised Sticky didn't enlist Wordsworth and the rest of them Lyricist Lounge cats."

Too many people would get confused with Sticky and Wordsworth. They look exactly the same.

tray said...

You need to see the trailer for Spider Loc's movie.

d. b. cooper said...

Clarence Williams III sounds like Suga Free.

This is clearly the second coming of Shakespeare.

What is Tash? Chopped liver? Not even mentioning his name and mentioning everyone else's name?

Badmon3333 said...

Holy shit. If this were a joke, it would be the most hilarious hip-hop-themed skit I've ever seen. I have a very bad feeling, however, that it is not.

I have a few questions...

1) How in the FUCK could Omar Epps be so stupid as to involve himself in this ridiculousness? Between 'Juice' and 'The Program,' he's got all the street cred he needs, and going from 'House' to this is a step in the wrooooooong-ass direction.

2) Mekhi Phifer appears to be cornball personified in the one scene he's got in this preview... and here I thought he'd reached that peak with The World's Worst Dread Weave in '8 Mile.' Didn't he learn ANYTHING from MTV's version of 'Carmen'?

3) How does this NOT come off as a more-serious attempt at R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet"? (just take a moment and bask in the frightening idea behind that last sentence...)

4) I'd honestly rather see an entire series, spun off from Sticky Fingaz's Kern Little character from 'The Shield' rather than this.

5) Even after all of this hating, I'm still going to put this shit on the Netflix list. How sad is THAT...