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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Further Proof That Record Executives Are Profoundly "Simple Jack"

via The Almighty Nah Right

Over at the Decaying Skeleton Formerly Known As XXL Blogs, Jackpot (or whoever is writing those bullshit blog posts these days) was reporting that Geffen Records were attempting to squash the promotion for Common's new video, "Annoucement", because it was deemed career suicide for Mr. Lynn. Apparently, it did not feature enough wanton ignorance (or in Common's case granola infused aphorisms) for them to promote it.

I posted the video above and it's actually pretty cool. It's much better than the steaming pile of bat guano that "Universal Mind Control" was when it was leaked early this year. For the record, I'm pretty much guaranteeing that "Invincible Summer" (What a stupid name, by the way. Did you know that there is k.d. effin' lang album called "Invincible Summer?" k.d. lang... Take with that what you will...) is going to suck because Pharell is heavily involved but this video is kind of dope.


Marcus said...

Hell yeah the video and song go hard (Am I allowed to say that here?). Universal Mind Control is wack though. I'm kinda split on this album.

The Recession = Album of the Year

Renato Pagnani said...

I dunno, I quite like "Universal Mind Control." And an entire album of Common produced by the Neptunes? Count me in! This track isn't too bad—is it another Neptunes track?

DocZeus said...

"Hell yeah the video and song go hard (Am I allowed to say that here?)."

Of course, there will be no "no homos" on my watch.

"This track isn't too bad—is it another Neptunes track?"

Well Pharell produced it. I have no idea if Chad Hugo was involved. Did Pharell have Chad killed or something? Where has he been lately?

Passion of the Weiss said...

Common still raps?

tray said...

Like I've said before, I don't see the point of this Biggie-aping exercise.

Trey Stone said...

Pharrell writes everything for The Neptunes nowadays with a few exceptions (three songs on the new N.E.R.D., Luda's "Girls Gone Wild,") even though the songs still say "produced by The Neptunes." Hugo produced Kenna's Make Sure They See My Face last year, like i mentioned you can tell the difference in their individual styles when you compare the N.E.R.D./Pharrell solo/last Clipse album to the Kenna.

really though, i promise i'm not some kinda paid promoter lol but check out the new N.E.R.D. before you write off Pharrell as done man. actually, the deeper i go in their catalogue i'm convinced that pre-2002 Neptunes is their weakest period, beats are too samey and simple, they've really broadened their scope. i dunno if they just wanted to start with their own polished variation on Timbaland's sound and just didn't switch it up until they were established well enough, or they just got a lot better. Pharrell's put out a lot of shit but if you listen to his good recent material it's due to laziness, dude is easily one of the most musically talented and versatile rap producers out there.

but yeah, the video's kinda cool but considering the song sorta sucks it was probably a good move to not promote it much. although, even if the album turns out to be a complete failure it'll at least be more interesting than the new Game (y'all are still saying this guy's beats are hot? maaan...)

Rudebwoy381 said...

This track is alright, and I am actually finding myself anticipating a Comm/Pharrell collabo (I feel confident that there is no Chad Hugo; it's just some Asian dude Pharrell pays to hang out and look confused).

Clipse 'Hell Hath' sort of illustrates my love-hate relationship with Pharrell's production. For every "Keyz Open Doors," there are two songs that just sound corny and synthetic. But when he hits on a good idea, he can definitely make it work.

Also, I'd like to predict that Common's inevitable Barack Obama tribute song will be the only listenable one aside from Nas'. Or maybe I'm just saying that because I heard Young Jeezy's from 'The Recession' last night... holy hell, it's so bad... the whole ALBUM is so bad, except for two songs: one is an incompetent hijacking of 2Pac's 'Ambitionz Az a Ridah,' and the other is a re-hash Dilla's Steve Spacek beat on 'Dollar.'

Anonymous said...

This video is....I dunno. I can't really stand Pharell (personally speaking, not his music. Eh, his rapping either. lol). And the shilling for Lincoln is funny in an awkward way.

The Biggie thing reminds me of De La circa '93 with the "Buhloone Mindstate" album.


DocZeus said...

For the record, outside of "Give It 2 Me" and "Grindin'", Hell Hath No Fury is the best thing that Pharrell has ever done.

By a very large margin.

tray said...

Lord Willin >> HHNF, and the guy who said this:

Also, I'd like to predict that Common's inevitable Barack Obama tribute song will be the only listenable one aside from Nas'

is so wrong.

Trey Stone said...

while the first five or so tracks and "Trill" on Hell Hath are pretty sick ("Mr. Me Too" = bleakest Neptunes beat ever?,) i listen to Pharrell's solo more than that album. no lie. guess i just like the flashy, more melodic pop side of dude more, same with the N.E.R.D. albums. don't knock 'em 'til you hear 'em

actually, i might take "Hot" (another Clipse crew track) over "Grindin'" as far as minimalist 'Tunes go.

Trey Stone said...

and no way is Lord Willin' better than Hell Hath. unless you count "Grindin'" and "Cot Damn" as the whole album. second half especially is weak shit

DocZeus said...

I'm strictly speaking production wise via HHNF and Lord Willin'. I think it's the Neptunes best produced album.

There are bunch of great songs on Lord Willin' though: The Intro, Grindin', When Was The Last Time, Comedy Central, I'm Not You, Ego, Young Boy, etc.

Trey Stone said...

let's be serious, "When the Last Time" and "Comedy Central" are two of their worst beats ever. no tune or cohesion at all. and "I'm Not You" just sounds like a marginally better "P.I.M.P." and "Ego" is Neptunes-by-numbers. and...yeah. it's OK for the first five tracks but "Grindin'" and "Cot Damn" are the only two i'd put up with their best

Kai said...

This song is alright, in the sense that I wasn't annoyed listening to it and I'd be ok with never hearing it again. Has big not had enough people recite his rhymes under the guise of 'respect' or 'praise'? What is their thats new or fresh or hot about this?

Between the mini-Lincoln commercial and the 2 hip hop white girls dressed like little boys, I don't know what annoys me more.

If this is what passes for "going hard" I might as well give up on hip hop.

Oh, and the Nas black president song is a crime against music.

tray said...

Gee, I really love "When The Last Time." Anyway, the first post on my new blog is up - feel free to go read it and tell me how much it sucks, because it does. The link is