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Monday, April 21, 2008

No Words...

Nas - Be A N***** Too

I hate to say it but my favorite rapper of all-time has officially lost his damn mind. I don't think I can ever play this song in the presence of another human being without feeling extremely awkward. I'm copping this album off iTunes.

Bonus Videos: Nas' Performing New Joints Off The Album That Shall Not Be Named At The Ol' Alma Mater

Props To The Almighty Eskay for the link.


Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

"I hate to say it but my favorite rapper of all-time has officially lost his damn mind."

I disagree. He started off his career saying, "kidnap the President's wife without a plan," among other things, and many rap nerds love that verse. While the song makes be a bit uncomfortable too, I think it's just Nas taking a step he's wanted to take for a long time. Besides, he's definitely said more ignorant shit than that (Remember the Times?).

I also love how he ends the first verse... bitch.

Lou911 said...

Added you to my blogroll.

*Plans to play this at extremely high decibels*

Trey Stone said...

i'm just hoping this trash isn't indicative of what the album's gonna sound like. even looking past the wack beat and lame flow, this is one of those not-really-saying-anything Nas songs Jay correctly called him on with "Blueprint 2." trying way too hard to be "edgy" in this case.

we'll see though i guess.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt say 'lost his damn mind'. the idea behind the song isnt totally left field for someone like nas in today's climate. but yeah, im really hoping for better things to come along with this album. intentionally naming your album as provocative as 'nigger' calls for a very high standard of content to back it up. this isnt it. especially if you once came up with something like illmatic - jay kay

d.b. cooper said...

This song is awesome. The internets have lost their damn mind. It's a Nas song, not a treatise on the socio-political implications of whatever the fuck... Nas sounds better than he has in years. It's more along the lines of an updated, more polite and thoughtful efiL4zaggiN.