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Friday, November 23, 2007

Closed For Repairs A.K.A. Time Warner Cable Needs To Stop Being A Bitch

This message was transmitted shortly before the Evil Corporate Overlords At AOL Time Warner arrested and executed the Good Doctor Zeus Judge Dredd Style At His Cubicle At Work....Be Warned!!!

To Whom It May Concern:

Yeah, so I fly back to New York after spending the week back home in the glorious city of Cleveland, Ohio all prepped, primed, and ready to go to hand in my review for Wu-Tang's completely oddball new album only to discover that Time Warner had felt the neccessity to not make my cable and internet work leaving yours truly with very little options to update the greatest blog in the universe (Maddox can suck it). Seeing how I don't have a girlfriend (surprise, surprise...sigh...) and live by myself, I have very little options to umm, "entertain" myself so I'm slowly going dizzy being cooped up in my one bedroom joint with nothing to but uh....read. Ew! Reading ain't hip hop! So if you see a bunch of unexplained double homicides in Brooklyn over the next week, you know who *not* to snitch on. I promise I will return, sullen and full of hatred as ever. You haven't seen the last of DocZeus.

The Good Doctor Zeus


Kwis said...

wait, you're from cleveland? i'm from cleveland heights. where you from?

DocZeus said...

Yeah, I'm from Shaker Heights. Wait, does that mean we have to fight now since tradition says we must hate each other because of our different zip codes.

Kwis said...

clearly. i just found out a dude i work with out here in cali is from shaker too. i'm 98 out of heights, what about you?

DocZeus said...

I graduated from the esteemed Shaker Heights High in 2002.