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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fiascogate, Further Proof The RIAA Has Lost It’s Damn Mind & Other Notes For A Wednesday

-It’s A Craptastic Wednesday Morning so I’m giving you a few quick thoughts on a couple things going on in the world right now instead of my usual exhaustive and brilliant commentary on hip hop because I do whatever I want, however I want, whenever I want...All The Time!!!

- Rapper Lupe Fiasco made headlines this weekend but not the good kind like you want (Word to Xander Crews) when Lupe forgot literally like less than five words to “Electric Relaxation” during a Tribe Called Quest tribute performance at this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors Show. Now apparently due the ungodly (for a post-Kanye backpack rapper with little to no hits) amount of hating and criticism this event received, you would figure that Mr. Fiasco has committed high treason of the highest order for flubbing like literally half a bar on a song that nearly 15 years after it was initially released that 99.9% of serious hip hop fans still can’t discern what the hell Q-Tip is saying on the chorus. (Seriously, its like “Relax your self girl be some premiere?!” or something. I’ve been listening to that song for like 10 years now and as far as I’m concerned the hook is pure gibberish. Still great song, though.) Now if you had common sense, you would realize due to hip hop’s extreme fondness for cannabis sativa, fuck-ups at hip hop shows are about as common as genital warts are to former sexual partners of Real World castmates and this is absolutely not a big deal like at all. However because bloggers have very little to do other than hate (and as I’ve said “I am not a blogger”), Lupe has suddenly turned into the new Don Imus of Hip Hop replacing Don Imus as the Don Imus of Hip Hop. Of course, this all started because Lupe Fiasco caught feelings last year when critics compared “Food & Liquor” to a Native Tongues album instead of “It Was Written” like it was supposed to (As if, little homey...) and Lupe decided to share with the world in an interview that he had never even heard of Tribe’s undeniable classic “Midnight Marauders” and had absolutely no plans to in the future. Well, that’s all find and dandy to hate on a professional rapper (especially one who is kind of derivative of Tribe in the first place consciously or not) for not bothering to even listen to “Midnight Marauders” because I believe that “Illmatic” should be included as a testament in the Bible and forcefully taught to small children as the gospel but to crucify Lupe for flubbing a few lines on a song that isn’t even his own is just asinine. Although, I will kind of admit that it’s kind of hypocritical for Lupe to claim that he grew up as a fan of gangsta rap and then chastise modern gangsta rappers for “dumbing down their lyrics” but thats a completely other issue.

- So according to the Daily Tech, the Record Industry Association Of America (or NAMBLA) in all of their infinite wisdom and extreme desire to lead their entire industry into not only utter and complete ruin but a fiery fate in the depths of hell has decided that breath life into its rigor mortis laden body of the industry, it now apparently wishes to sue people who own CD burners but attack people who like to listen to the radio at work. Apparently, the Short Bus Squad over at the RIAA law offices inspired by some case over in the Mother Land(Word to the Queen) where the British equivalent to the RIAA, the Performing Right Society, sued the pants off the owner of a fucking car repair shop for allowing his employees to play the radio at work and not paying “royalties” (or blood money) to the “artists” (*cough* Record Executives *cough*) citing that this constituted a public performance despite the fact that I’m sure Craig David (or whatever those Brits play on the radio nowadays) was nowhere to be found on premise let alone performing his like one hit song. Now, this strikes me not only as bullshit of the highest order but total, complete lunacy on the part of the RIAA. I mean raiding the offices of DJ Drama is one thing (I consider it a public service if I never have to hear DJ “No, seriously! I’m Really A Black Dude! Please Believe Me!!!” Drama scream the “n-word” over some generic Southern rappers mixtape, again) but suing people for listening to the radio is literally the most insane, stupid and unbelievably counterproductive thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Their really is no words I can say about this that can express my degree of disbelief towards this stupid, stupid, stupid idea. I feel like a Yankees fan after discovering that my massive sense of entitlement doesn’t guarantee that I will beat the “lowly” Cleveland Indians in the Division Series. (Fuck-A-Yankee-And-Their-Fans! Cleveland, bitch! Suck A Dick! Yes Homo!) At this point, can the public have the courts declare the RIAA mentally incompetent and revoke their charter or something. They are killing themselves! Are we supposed to only listen to music by ourselves on headphones in a sound proof room? The fuck is wrong with these people?!?!

-Speaking of the Yankees, my beloved Indians defeated the Rat Fuck Yankees in the AL Division Series to advance to the ALCS to play the equally rat fuck, Boston Red Sox. I should learn that after twenty four years of bitter, bitter disappointment not to get too excited by Cleveland sports since we are destined to fail spectacularly but I really can't contain my excitement over this turn of events. After the Cavs spectacular run, it feels like the stars are aligning and its Cleveland turn to win a championship. It's been 43 year bitter years since Cleveland has won a championship so I have to little to no sympathy for any fanbase bitching about how their team hasn't won in X many years and that includes Cubs and especially Yankees fans (seriously seven years and your whining like bitches. Eat it.). In my lifetime, I've watched Chicago win 7 world championships in different sports, and even Boston when it was bitterly complaining about how cursed the Red Sox were in the midst of a Patriots Dynasty. No word can describe how much I hate you people.

- Mark this date down on your calendar kids, December 4th, 2007. It looks like it going to be Armaggedon for rap dorks like myself when not only the mighty Wu-Tang Clan and Saigon on are releasing their long awaited new albums but every blogger's favorite hipster rapper supreme, Ghostface Killah (Kiiiiiillllllllaaaaah), and Styles P are going to release an album. Now, I don't know if the rap industry is trying to re-create the magic of September 11th or bury all of its bastard children of the 90s on the same date but god knows, if this actually happens they are going to separate me with a lot of my parents' well earned money. Kudos!

-If you haven't heard the NYG'z ,Primo's new (weed carriers) group, new album than you are seriously missing out. I plan to have a review of their album up sometime this week but all I can say this is pound for pound the best New York rap record released this year. Word to Straight Bangin' for putting me up on these guys.

-Nas recently released a new track from his new Greatest Hits album entitled "Surviving The Times" and it's pretty good. It kind of has a slow tempo, second half of "Hip Hop Is Dead" kind of feel so if that isn't your strain of weed you might want to stay far away from this one since it kind of reminds of me of "Can't Forget About You" with its piano melody and self-congratulatory "I've found piece of mind" sort of feel. Nas narrates the story of his career over the track and its interesting to hear his take on some of the events that transpired over his storied career.

Here's the link to mp3: http://www.zshare.net/audio/4024795c6c17bb/

-Well thats all for now folks. Keep playing life like a champion.


T.R.E.Y. said...

man, it's jez like i said. now all Wayne has to do is drop on December 4th. it'll never happen but still.

with Lupe, i feel comfortable hating on dude's music now having heard his whole album two times (huge i know) but as for this "controversy," i gotta side with the zany hip-hop purists. i don't think it's an issue of a minor fuckup so much as the fact that it happened after he said he didn't give a shit about the album, which kinda gives the impression that he didn't really care to learn the lines well for the performance. and while i might agree with ya with the response bein' overblown initially somewhat, dude pretty much deserves it after making all these bullshit little-kid excuses and e-bitching at his fans instead of just apologizing.

for the record though, i ain't heard MM either (although i have heard the very obscure MMLP.) i did sample it on iTunes after this whole deal though, and i will say that "Award Tour" sounds like what smooooooth jazz would be if it didn't suck ass.

i'm disappointed you didn't include thoughts on that new leaked Little Wayne collabo though. i was expecting some serious hating, i mean dude reprises his classic "we on like the television" "Make It Rain" line!

DocZeus said...

I actually thought about talking bout the Little Brother/Weezy collab but all I heard was the DJ ruined radio rip and I won't comment on those because they always universally suck regardless of the eventual quality of the song. I did chortle a bit at the shampoo line but

Jesus Shuttlesworth said...

"relax yourself, girl, please set-tle down"

comparing "award tour" to smooth jazz seems very off. "finding forever," on the other hand, is quite an appropriate comparison. smooth jazz is about playing it safe/being a tool to dominate the 2% of airtime jazz gets on the radio.

this lupe shit is a nonevent. why didn't he just ignore the detractors? moron.

T.R.E.Y. said...

yeah i was probably reaching, but then i use the term "smooth jazz" really broadly to talk about real laid-back, jazzy rap. mostly to diss the stuff that i find sleep-inducing. therefore the "if it didn't suck ass" comment.

gotta say though i like the production on FF. real full, effective atmosphere 'Ye got goin' on there. even if his work on Graduation shats on it, but then that's expected.

DocZeus said...

"relax yourself, girl, please set-tle down"


Christopher said...

Basically. Lupe should've ignored it. He's a dick, anyway.

rafi said...

I believe it's actually "please sekkle down", with q-tip suddenly trying on some jamaican parlance for no particular reason.

Means the same thing as "settle down" but thats why it sounds so odd...

Kai said...

Lupe ought to have heard every album trie ever made, hes a rapper hes young, and he aint doing shit. People compare his music to one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time, and he doesnt want to listen to their albums? I still havent really found the appeal in him, his beats are mostly weird or wack or both, and lyrically he doesnt offer anything special to me. But hey, what do I know, I'm just someone who's nicer than him.