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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Not A Blogger Kills Rap City, The Ballocaust & Other Quick Thoughts For A Thursday

- I'm doing a lazy post today because I'm bored and lazy and after writing that exhaustive 50 Cent expose yesterday, I feel entitled to dog a post. Normally, I only give the best for my "loyal" three people who stumbled onto this page but I'm not being paid for this so fuck it.

-First off, I'd like to give a shout out to Joey over Straight Bangin' for linking to me over at his blog and giving my little blog the thumbs up. I'd offer him words of solace over the fact that his Michigan Wolverines are tanking spectacularly this year but I'm from Ohio so I bleed Scarlet and Gray so that's never gonna happen. I'm still not over Ohio State tanking one or two perfect seasons in the John Cooper era so I'm physically not capable of sympathizing with the Yellow (That's shit not "maize"...) and Blue.

- Let me just say if you haven't been watching Frisky Dingo over at the greatest network in the history of television ever, Adult Swim, you are missing ouuuuut! The show is almost completely unexplainable except to say it's sort of a parody of superhero cartoons crossed with rabid political and social satire. The first season involved Killface, the world's most inept and genuinely likable super-villain, trying to destroy the Earth by driving it into the sun and being opposed by Awesome-X, possibly the world's most douchebaggiest superhero since Aquaman, who is more concerned with getting Killface to sign a licensing agreement so he can market action figures based on the pair for profit than actually stopping him. This season after accidentally curing global warming by moving, the pair have decided to run for President against each other. The show features some of the smartest political and social commentary on television and is probably the funniest thing on television. And as an added bonus, the Dungeon Family's Killer Mike has a role on the show as Taqu'il, a rapper turned Vice Presidential candidate. I have attached a video of the show below so check that shit out. Seriously! Long live the Ballocaust!

- I'm really digging the new Lupe Fiasco single "Superstar" featuring Matthew Santos off Lupe's upcoming album The Cool. What I really grew to eventually love about "Food & Liquor" last year was that Lupe was able to craft music that set a certain mood in the listener. It was just about the perfect music to drive late around at night by yourself. Songs like "Hurt Me Soul" & "He Say, She Say" seem to blend in with the lights of the passing car and the city which adds a cinematic quality to the drive around you. Lupe's music despite being somewhat understated is actually pretty cinematic in the sense that it sets certain scenes with a specific mood and feeling to them. "Superstar" which is really driven by Santos' hook picks up exactly where Food & Liquor left off. Its good to hear that despite his album flopping, Lupe is sticking with his guns and hoping the audience will come to him instead of trying to appease the mainstream. I'm really hoping The Cool won't have to many moments of bald commerical pandering and we get more records like this.

- Finally, I'd like to pour out a little liquor for my favorite television show whipping boy, Rap City, for its passing into late night obscurity and eventual cancellation. I started this blog doing a week long (that only lasted three days) experiment on the effects of watching Rap City for a prolonged period of time and offering my standard hating and sarcasm. You know, I guess I should have realized this was coming when the program director over BET lost his damn mind and start playing "Read A Book" regularly instead of of one extra gratuitously mintresly music videos. Reginald Hudlin must have come to his senses and realized that he can't be having his network be associated with the words "minstrel" and "show" so he banished Rap City to late night death. Q-45, we barely knew you... One!


T.R.E.Y. said...

as one of your 2.37943 loyal readers, i demand a Curtis-style in-depth post on the new Jay-Z album Monday

i'd give Lupe's debut another shot but i'm too caught up in 'Ye's album right now. i do bump "I Gotcha" on occasion though. Pharrell breakin' out the accordion!

DocZeus said...

Wait, a second. Did Jay-Z's album leak or something?! I've been out of town visiting family last week and been out of the loop... See you leave NYC for a second and the whole operation falls apart..

T.R.E.Y. said...

nah, i was kiddin', although i've already got tons of stuff goin' through my head on how it MIGHT turn out. alleged first single "Blue Magic's" leaked though.

that'd be pretty funny if it'd leaked this soon though

Anonymous said...

They deleted my video I'm afraid. Long live retarded copyrights. Long live Internet freedom! /sarcasm 88pagan