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Monday, September 3, 2007

Me & The Ace

No Trivia's Brandon Soderberg has created a new project, The Biographical Dictionary Of Rap, that I think is pretty cool and has the potential to be the next big thing on the internets for hip hop that I recently contributed an article about Mr. Off Beat/On Beat himself, Masta Ace. Go check it out and read it if you are so inclined. Let's get this thing crackin' because I love the concept.

"If the Juice Crew were the Wu-Tang Clan, then Marley Marl would be The RZA, Big Daddy Kane would be Method Man, Kool G. Rap would be Raekwon, MC Shan would be GZA, and Biz Markie, of course, would be Ol' Dirty Bastard. Masta Ace was never the most prominent member of the crew in their hey day but over his nineteen year career, he's become the most prominent alumni of the crew still working so I guess that would make him Ghostface."

Check it out at: http://biographicaldictionaryofrap.blogspot.com/


floodwatch said...

I would have never made a Juice Crew/Wu Tang connection, but you're exactly on point with that.

Great stuff here - glad I stumbled upon your blog... er, site.

Dart Adams said...

Nice write ups, I just added your blog to my favorites on Technorati last night. Keep up the good work. One.