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Friday, September 7, 2007

10 Albums I’m Anticipating But Will Probably Never See The Light Of Day In Favor Of Releasing Another God Awful Young Jeezy Album

So I’m gonna do a lazy post today since I had a rough night drinking last night so here I’ve decided to give a brief post about the top ten albums that I’m anticipating in no particular order.

1. eMc - The Show

Normally, I usually don’t want anything to do with a rapper’s weed carriers album because the whole concept that I would want to listen to your untalented friends kick inane verses over budget-ass production is positively insulting to the listener but I’m positively amped to hear this joint especially after seeing this. Its been three years since Masta Ace released “A Long Hot Summer” and I’ve been patiently waiting to hear more music from the Music Man. This album is a full length collobration between Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth and Strick whose previous collobrations together were some of the highlights on his last couple of albums. The Show is supposedly another concept album in the vein of “Disposable Arts/A Long Hot Summer” so I think this could be another indie classic. (And yes, I know Punch & Words aren’t reaaaallly weed carriers in the traditional sense due to their Lyricist Lounge days but still...)

2. Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told

Every week, another garbage-ass ringtone rapper gets to release a mindless and awful album and every week, I die a little inside that Saigon does not. I’ve been a big fan of Saigiddy since he dropped "The Letter P" back in the stone ages and his struggle to get this album released just makes me hate music labels just a little bit more. I’ve loved everything that I’ve heard thats supposedly on the album so it just makes me wonder if Atlantic has invested stock in making me miserable. Seriously give this fucker a release date.

3. Ghostface Killah & MF Doom - Swift & Changeable

My favorite song of last year was Ghost’s Doom Produced “Charlie Brown” that was initially on “Fishscale” but then was inexplicably dropped from the retail version and then languished in unreleased hell. It had this chaotic, train off the track urgency that just made the song instantly memorable. The only copy I could find on the internet was this terrible quality radio rip that sounded like it was recorded in the stone age and I searched fruitlessly for months for a cleaner more polished copy. When I heard that Ghost was releasing “More Fish”, I was ecstatic because I wanted a clean copy of this song but once again inexplicably it wasn’t on that album either. Now, supposedly “Charlie Brown” is gonna be on “Swift & Changeable” Ghost’s collab with Doom so I’m anticipating this album just so I can finally get a clean copy of this song.

4. Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

It took me awhile to truly appreciate “Food & Liquor” last year because it seemed slightly underwhelming upon first listen but eventually the album really grew on me because Lupe makes really understated but ultimately beautiful music that really has this nice ability to set a certain mood. To me, he sounds sort of like a Hip Hop Coldplay (which isn’t meant to be an insult.) The first single “Superstar” featuring Matthew Santos (who kind of sounds like Christ Martin actually), I like a lot so I’m hoping that Lupe won’t fall into a sophomore slump.

5. Cam’ron - Courtesy Curtis

Not because I like his music at all because I don’t (Purple Haze has got to be the most overrated piece of garbage, I’ve ever heard in my life. I violently haaaaaaate that album!) but just because I want to make sure that Cam’ron is still alive. Plus, it has potential to be a real trainwreck which is always fun.

6. Little Brother - The Getback

The Minstrel Show was my favorite album by far of 2005. I thought it was a brilliantly executed satire of everything that is wrong with rap music and BET today and the music was in my strike box of music that I really love. However, I’ll say that a big reason for that was I loved the LB sound provided by 9th Wonder. And now that 9th Wonder was David Lee Roth’d out the group, I’m curious of whether Phonte and Pooh can hold it together a great album in 9th’s stead. I really like Phonte as an emcee as he’s warm and witty but I’m hesitant to get blindly behind this project because I haven’t been that impressed with their post-Minstrel Show material I’ve heard thus far.

7. Lil' Wayne - The Carter III

Despite, my misgivings on whether or not, Lil’ Wayne is truly a “great” emcee, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Weezy is the most interesting figure working in hip hop music today. He’s a polarizing figure for a lot of reasons. He shows flashes of lyrical greatness than turns around and drops a line that is just astoundingly awful and coupled by the fact that hip hop’s rampant and childish homophobia and his own ambiguous and unapologetic sexuality turns a lot of the people who would be his core audience. Wayne, in order, to step into the pantheon of great rappers needs to make a truly classic album (and The Carter I & II aren’t classics) and the amount of time that he has spent between his last true release and The Carter III suggests that he could be crafting a monster album. Will Wayne drop the classic he needs to silence his haters? Eh, probably not.

8. Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II

This album will either be a classic or a train wreck. It’s either one way or the other. Everything I’ve heard that supposedly on this album sounds amazing but at the same, Raekwon hasn’t made a quality album in 12 years and this album has been in-development hell for going on 5 years now so this could be a gigantic mess the size of Medellin as well. All I know if this record doesn’t get released, than fuck Dre.

9. Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams

There is no album I am more anticipating than this. Point. Blank. Period. I am as big as a Wu-Tang stan as they come (I own a good 30 of their records) and I’ve been waiting for them to get their shit together for 6 years now. Tom Breihan has a preview of the album that he miraculously got to hear over at Status Ain’t Hood that he had a glowing review of. I will be the happiest man alive if this album gets released in November like its supposed to. If not, I might just saw my head off with a chainsaw if it doesn’t. It’s that serious people.

10. Dr. Dre - Detox A.K.A. When Hell Freezes Over



T.R.E.Y. said...

don't you think the whole Weezy/Baby thing is at least a little weird? i ain't sayin' you're wrong 'bout the homophobia thing, but even taking that outta the equation, and even considering the fact that Baby's not his real dad, it seems a little bizarre to me.

gettin' off that slight tangent, what Weezy really needs to pull this off is the level of spitting he's doin' now (i'm thinking some of his more focused stuff rather than a Drought 3-style drug haze, don't particularly like that tape outside of certain moments) with production above the level of the first Carter. dude's obviously a better rapper on the second one but i actually prefer Fresh's production there to a bunch of stuff on the second. i'd say he should use different big-name producers this time rather than more obscure dudes, but i'm not sure how to best make it work with the Weezy "aesthetic," whatever that means.

you know i actually only recently got that Lupe, and i had the same problem. i've only listened to it once, but the beats sounded like a buncha limp Just Blaze-lite shit that just drifted off, and dude kinda struck me as a less-interesting version of Kanye. i think it says something that that minimalist Neptunes (actually just Pharrell since Hugo's apparently dead) track is the one i liked the most. gotta give it more listens though.

if Dre wants Detox to work out i think he needs to get some of his old co-producers/instrumentalists (Mike Elizondo, Storch maybe) on the phone. his recent stuff ain't all-out bad barring some of the shit he did for Hov, but a bunch of it just sounds bland. and this's comin' from someone who loves a handful of his G-Unit era beats ("Poppin' Them Thangs!,") but he seems to be in a rut lately. those piano-based beats just ain't poppin' like they were before, maan.

sorry, long-ass post. but i had to touch on all bases!

DocZeus said...

Yeah, I kind of agree that it is kind of creepy about the Weezy/Baby relationship but it has more to do with the implied incest that goes on with their relationship. I mean Weezy does refer to him as his daddy (and not as his "father" or "dad") which does have an implied sexual undertone to his choice of his words. If their relationship is truly an asexual surrogate father/son relationship than that's actually pretty cool since its a pretty noble enterprise to mentor a young kid when the kid does not have a true father figure in his life and help him become a positive contributing member of society. But I definitely agree, there's something inherently creepy about a sexual relationship between a surrogate parent child relationship regardless if the relationship is gay or not. I mean Celine Dion marrying her manager 30 years her senior is fucking weeeiirrrd as is Woody Allen's marriage to his ex-girlfriend's kid and those are straight ones.