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Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Not So Quiet Desperation

Judging by his recent actions, 50 Cent is scared right now. Really scared. He's been lashing out at everybody and everything and as Judgement Day approaches on September 11th, its growing more and more apparent that not only is Kanye West going to outsell him but he might just go plastic wood grain, himself.

Nothing seems to be going right for 50 Cent in the last few years (well except for the fact he just made like a half billion on motherfucking Vitamin Water). Since he dropped The Game like a bad habit in the winter of ‘05, 50 has seen all of his most cherished weed carriers flop miserably; he’s been constantly harassed, humiliated, and badgered by The Game whose been acting like 50’s crazed ex-girlfriend for the last couple years; he’s seen the same crazed ex-girlfriend see his career blow up and flourish without 50; he’s had his shit pushed back twice; and finally he’s released 5 singles which the general public have treated like they are cursed with the plague. It would’ve been a terrible few years for Mr. Curtis Jackson if it weren’t for the fact the man is worth more money than God.

Flopping wouldn’t be so scary to 50 if he hadn’t spent the last few years attacking other artists for not selling, not having enough money and attempting to be - horror of all horrors -“artistic” and have “integrity.” He’s made a career on the fact that he’s supposedly invincible and literally bullet-proof stemming both from the infamous nine bullets and his impeccable track record. Between the years 2003 & 2005, 50 Cent was able to not only sell millions records for himself but his untalented weed carriers, too (even Yayo did a respectable 500,000 for his crime against humanity in album form, Thoughts Of A Predicate Felon). Making matters worse is that he has not let the world forget his triumphs and everybody else’s failures. He’s attacked Ja Rule, Jadakiss, Fat Joe, Nas, Mobb Deep, The Game, Lil’ Kim, Lil’ Wayne, Baby, Kanye West, and even Banks & Buck for not selling as many records as he does and mocking their supposed foibles in the process (and thats just after he got famous if you include his How To Rob Days....whoo boy.) He’s not been humble. He’s not been decent. He’s not been playing fair. If he flops, the king is going to fall.

The problem, 50 Cent, is facing is that nobody stays on top forever and now that the tables are turning, the flood gates are about to open and the people that 50 Cent have kicked are going to be clamoring at the walls of his home in Connecticut calling for 50’s head. Have you ever noticed that nobody ever appears on any of 50’s records or vice versa except Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit affiliates? Why is that? Perhaps because 50 Cent has slowly become persona non grata in the hip hop industry. He’s shown a complete lack of respect for everybody in the industry since the How To Rob Days and you figure that people who literally begging to get a 50 Cent feature on their record considering he was the most popular artist in the genre but nobody wants anything to do with him. 50 seems to be the worst type of hater in the sense that he wants to be the only one who is successful and everybody else has to fail.

Witness the fact that he’s been slowly but surely baiting Kanye West for years. A few years ago, 50 Cent took a cheap shot against Kanye by calling him “safe” and basically accused him of being a minstrel for the white man since he dressed like a white college frat boy and didn’t rap about being a thug. It was a cheap shot. It was ironically laughable. It was totally uncalled for. It seemed as if 50 was jealous of the critical adulation that escaped him and wanted to tear Kanye down for his achievements. Kanye being smart didn’t respond and get into a pointless beef that he can’t win. Now that Kanye West is looking like he’s going to hand him ass on the charts since everything from the relative popularity of his singles, the quality of the music that is being leaked, and the pre-sales all seem to indicate that Kanye is going to be victorious, 50 is doing everything but calling him a faggot in attempt to discredit him. Kanye being smart and coming from the Jay-Z School of letting your opponent dig a hole for themselves is watching 50 making outlandish statement after outlandish statement knowing that he has nothing to lose by playing it cool. If 50 Cent wins, it’s expected since 50 Cent is the biggest star in music, he still looks good because he doesn’t have any Yayo-esque predications that were wrong and he gets to sell a shit load of records in the process. If Kanye wins, he’s crowned the new King of Hip Hop and has the privilege of the man who finally knocked off the biggest villain in hip hop history.

The original title, Before I Self-Destruct, seems oh so relevant these days. Everything that 50 is doing is reeking of desperation lately, the shit fest he threw after the Robin Thicke single got leaked in the Interscope Offices, the Jimmy Iovine diss track, the Lil Wayne diss track all reek of a desperation of somebody who knows that there time is up and can see the proverbial writing on the wall. Ultimately, people grow tired of tyrants and the clock is ticking on the biggest one of all. All young kings get their head cut off and Curtis is at the guillotine.


brandon said...

Great entries Doc. I'm waiting for 50, upon having his ass handed it to him sales-wise, to blame it on Kanye being "Safe" because that's the bullshit 50 pulls.

DocZeus said...

Which of course would be completely ironic since 50 makes some of the "safest" music around. So safe that he basically just re-makes the same hit song and re-releases it to the public hoping they're too stupid to know the difference.

brandon said...

No way man, 50 is tough and uncompromising...but yeah, seriously, I heard 'Magic Stick' on the radio today- forgot the song even existed, was that the first in the line of bad sex metaphor songs that contain a 2-3 sylable word followed by a 1 syllable word? 'Magic Stick', 'Candy Shop', 'Amusement Park'...although 'Magic Stick' can't even be counted as a metaphor its pretty explicit-

DocZeus said...

Yep, 'Magic Stick' is the first in the line and also happens to be the only one marginally listenable to. 'Candy Shop' and 'Amusement Park' are just about the most awful songs ever recorded. You know, sometimes I give credit artists like GZA for being masters of the extended metaphors and the genius you can craft around it but the flip side is 50 who when he attempts to use metaphor is just cringe inducing and usually makes me feel queasy.